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MKultra – Mindcontrol recently revealed. LRH warned about it since the publication of DMSMH and SOS. Now our message became mainstream:šŸ˜€  

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My Query on HCO PL29 April 1982 Issue II “Field Auditing Fees” is a well-documented revelation of a counterfeit HCOPL. The fake-Policy aims to bring the field auditors under control, who until then had been able to disseminate and operate.

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All beings are basically good – including ones with a case condition called SP. However, when they fail to differentiate between themselves and their case –Ā they can act badly and cause illogical destruction. When a person goes into agreement with his case, he is being his case, and he does notĀ DIFFERENTIATE between his case and […]

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A thinking process always occurs before an action or inaction. The end result of a thinking process is a conclusion. First you decide to do or not do something ā€“ then you take the action or inaction you decided on. People who practice mind control understand that if you can control a personā€™s thoughts, you […]

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The Church of Scientology claims a monopoly on tech. LRH has spoken in the PDC-20 talk about what he thinks of such a monopoly: It is exclusively in the interest of the other side! To break this monopoly, there are a number of initiatives in place to allow Scientologists outside the Church to access the […]

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Originally composed in 2006 by Caspar de Rijk, Cl IX TECHNICAL DIRECTIVE OF 20 MARCH 2006 Independent Scientologists RO NL Public Original Bridge Series 5 REACTIVE MIND, DEFINITION OF It has been found that the definition of Reactive Mind as given in the current Tech Dictionary is incomplete. As this is a key point in […]

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Originally composed in 2006 by Caspar de Rijk, Cl IX TECHNICAL BRIEFING OF 31 JANUARY 2006 Independent Scientologists RO NL Public Ā  Original Bridge Series 4 REVERTING TO THE ORIGINAL LRH BRIDGE   We have been from the start in August 2003 a Ronā€™s Org, set up by and structured after the Ronā€™s Org in […]

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Originally composed in 2005 by Caspar de Rijk, Cl IX TECHNICAL EVALUATION OF 24 OCTOBER 2005 -III Independent Scientologists RO NL Public Ā  Original Bridge Series 3 DIANETIC CLEAR vs SCIENTOLOGY CLEAR Hypothesis: There is a difference between Dianetic Clear and Scientology Clear. Tech Data: Here again, comparing/evaluating bulletins against bulletins and basics.(consistency) HCOB 7 […]

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Originally composed in 2005 by Caspar de Rijk, Cl IX RO NL Case Supervisor TECHNICAL EVALUATION OF 24 OCTOBER 2005 -I Ā  Ā  Independent Scientologists RO NL Public Original Bridge Series 1 NEW THEORY of the NEW GRADE CHART Observation: In 1981 New Era Dianetics was placed after Grade IV on the Classification and Gradation […]

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TECHNICAL EVALUATION OF 24 OCTOBER 2005 -II Independent Scientologists RO NL Public Original Bridge Series 2 NEW ERA DIANETICS vs STANDARD DIANETICS by Caspar de Rijk The main technical changes of New Era Dianetics in 1978 were: 1.Ā  Redefinition of erasure i.e. postulate off=erasure 2. Redefinition of somatics 3. Drop of principle of unburdening (going […]

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Here you can see all necessary processes listed per Grade and LRH insists: “ALL PROCESSES OF THE LEVEL AND NO LESS”: After the publication of this chart Expanded Dianetics (XDN) was developed until LRH disappeared in 1972. As XDN was not completed by LRH this tech is nearly lost.  

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“Where are the scientific evidence for psychic, so-called PSI phenomena? Show me the evidence!”The standard demand of skeptics sounds like this or something similar when it comes to the proof of phenomena such as distance healing, remote perception, telepathy (transmission of thoughts), premonitions or the power of the mind over matter (Telekinesis) and at the […]

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